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Autoantibodies to Oxidized LDL in Patients with Aortic Regurgitation: Association with Aortic Diameter Size
Sara Shimoni, Iris Bar, Liaz Zilberman, Jacob George.
Kaplan Hospital, Rehovot, Israel.

Background: Aortic regurgitation (AR) is a condition associated with volume overload, causing left ventricular remodeling, eccentric left ventricular hypertrophy and eventually heart failure. Left ventricular remodeling associated with aortic regurgitation (AR) is regulated by mechanical stress, neurohormonal activation, inflammation and oxidative stress. Since anti-oxidized LDL (oxLDL) antibodies (Abs) are a measurable marker of oxidative stress, we hypothesized that an increased level of circulating oxLDL Abs may be related to remodeling of the left ventricle in patients with significant AR. Methods: We assessed IgG anti-oxLDL antibodies in 31 patients with significant aortic regurgitation and compared them to 30 patients with similar risk factors and no valvular disease. Antibodies to oxLDL were determined by ELISA Results: The 2 groups had similar clinical characteristics. There was no difference in the level of anti-oxLDL antibodies between patients with AR and patients with no AR. However, in all patients and controls anti-oxLDL antibodies correlated positively with ascending aortic diameter (r=0.32, p=0.016), and level of oxLDL antibodies was significantly higher in patients with AA ≥ 39mm. On multivariate analysis only white blood cell count and AA diameter were related to anti-oxLDL antibodies in all patients. Conclusions: We did not find a difference in the level of anti-oxLDL antibodies in patients with AR and controls, however there was a strong correlation between anti-oxLDL antibodies and ascending aortic diameter

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