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Retrospective Analysis Of 1476 Cases Of Heart Valve Replacement In Xinjiang Area
Abudunaibi Maimaitiaili, Mulati Abudureheman, correspond, Aisikaer Shabiti, Huo Qiang.
First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University, Urumqi, China.

[Abstract] Objective: To explore heart valve replacement perioperative experience in Xinjiang area ,China. Methods: A total of 1476 cases were carried out valve replacement in normathermia under cardiopulmonary bypass surgery From 1993.12 to 2012.12 in our institute. And the clinical characteristic, indications and treatments of the patients were analyzed retrospectively. Results: Among 1476 cases the overall recovery were 1421 cases (96.3%) and 55 (3.7%) patients died of postoperative complications. The mortality had significant differences between different age groups and different NYHA classification groups; There was no significant difference between different operation time groups and different cardiothoracic ratio groups. Conclusion: Valve replacement surgery is still an effective means in the treatment of valvular disease in Xinjiang area. Enhancing preoperative care for elders and patients with poor cardiac function can decrease the operative complication and mortality rate so as to improve the treatment effect. [Key words] Heart valve diseases; Heart valve replacement; Perioperative care

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