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Vascular Landmarks On The Ross Operation. The Rule Of The Right Vessels And Av Block
Gustavo Abuin.
Fernandez Hospital, buenos aires, Argentina.

OBJECTIVE: The role of the firs septal artery is well known in the blood supply of the zone of the extraction of the autograft ("Ross zone"). However, the right superor artery is not considered as an impoortant source of supply of the "Ross zone"
METHODS: There were dissected 20 hearts injectded with latex in the coronary arteries. The whole heart conducition system was dissected and its blood supply. It was dissected also the blood supply of the "Ross zone". Magnification with a surgical microscope was used throughout the procedure.
RESULTS: The blood supply of the zone of extraction of the autograft (Ross zone) was clearly demonstrated and the rule of the supply of these vessels in the nourishment of the heart conduction system
CONCLUSIONS: The role of the right coronary artery is well demonstrated in several anatomical specimens. This new point and clear point of view of the anatomy of the blood supply of the "ross zone" and the heart conduction system must be take into account in order to perform an autograft operation

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