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Conventional Aortic Valve Replacement: Convincing Results Of A 5-years-single-center Experience
Branka Njezic, Frank Weinbrenner, Denise Marin, Albert Schuetz, Carole Hamilton, Stephen Hohe.
Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth, Vogtareuth, Germany.

Conventional aortic valve replacement: proven results of a 5-year-single-center experience Background: The treatment of patients requiring AVR is under discussion given the published results regarding TAVI which show a in-hospital-mortality of more than 15% and a high complication rate. In Germany all data regarding patient outcome is documented from every center by a system known as AQUA (Institute of applied quality promotion and research in Healthcare). The official results as of 2013 publisehd by AQUA show a mean in-hospital-mortality of 2,78 % and xxx neurological events. We present our experience of 256 patients who underwent cAVR with 0 % in-hospital-mortality and 0 % neurological events. Methods: Over a 5 year period from January 2009 to December 2013 data was retrieved from the AQUA database to include patients who underwent elective AVR. Results: Conventional AVR was performed in 256 patients ranging an age from 30 to 89 years (mean age 68 years). Of the 256 patients 158 were males and 98 females, with 223 bioprosthesis and 33 mechanical valves. Conclusion: According to Aqua single AVR is one of the most common cardiac surgical procedures performed in Germany. These results show that cAVR is the best option for this group of patients. Proper indications for one method over the other should carefully be reconsidered.

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