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New York City Conference
Heart Valve Society of America (HVSA)

Valves in the Heart of the Big Apple VIII is the Seventh Annual Scientific Meeting of The Heart Valve Society of America (and Heart Valve Trialists Society).

The Society has been formed to:

  • Advance development of new knowledge of valvular heart diseases through promotion, organization and support of research (basic, pre-clinical, clinical, and epidemiological).
  • Facilitate transfer of research results to clinical practice.
  • Promote dissemination of knowledge about valvular heart diseases to medical, scientific, and general audiences.

Our six previous scientific sessions have been very successful, drawing more than 2,400 attendees from around the nation and the world:

  • 2011 (Barcelona, Spain) - Joint Scientific Session of HVSA and Society of Heart Valve Disease (SHVD)
  • 2010 (New York City) - Joint Scientific Session of HVSA and SHVD
  • 2009 (Berlin, Germany) - Joint Scientific Session of HVSA and SHVD
  • 2008 (Las Vegas, NV) - in conjunction with Mayo Medical School
  • 2007 (New York City) - in conjunction with Weill Medical College of Cornell University
  • 2006 (Las Vegas, NV) - in conjunction with Mayo Medical School

Since its founding, HVSA membership has grown to over 225 medical professionals in the field of heart valve disease from the US and abroad.

Members have joined several councils - Clinical Trials & Registries, Therapeutic Interventions and Cardiac Imaging - and work is underway focus on initiating HVSA projects in those areas. In addition, there is an Allied Health Associates group in formation.

In addition to discounts to the HVSA/SHVD Joint Scientific Session, members received a newsletter and articles on heart valve disease from Cardiology.


More information on HVSA can be found on the HVSA Website.



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